National and Nordic customers

If your business is scattered in many places, perhaps even in different countries, CERTEGO can help you with a standardized security solution.

To help customers with geographically dispersed operations CERTEGO has set up a special department for these customers. Here, we have gathered specific expertise for those who are responsible for security in these types of organizations. This approach makes it easy to achieve a standardized, cost-effective security solution for your entire business.

One contact point

You will work closely with a central contact person and we have clear procedures for how the person in charge transfers responsibility over to local branches. This way, we ensure that each assignment will be conducted professionally and securely.

Standardized solutions

We deliver standardized and equal solutions throughout Norway and the Nordics, ensuring cost-efficiency in uniform supplies.

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Phone: +47 09145


Map and address

Address: Bjørnstjerne Bjørnsonsgate 118, 3044 Drammen, Norway

Professional services

CERTEGO offers help to all professionals involved in security solutions as part of their work, such as architects, developers, project managers and heads of security.

A leader in the Nordics

CERTEGO is a leading Nordic provider of complete security solutions. Our skilled and dedicated employees create secure, innovative systems tailored to customer needs. CERTEGO has a presence in 73 locations in the Nordic region, with over 1,200 employees and sales of over EUR 210 million.