CERTEGO is your reliable security partner

CERTEGO offers extensive knowledge and complete security solutions that helps to increase th security and safety of both property and people.

A security solution is an important investment, including so much more than just products and technology. At CERTEGO you always have access to the leading brands in the security industry. We recommend the solution that best meets your needs – with the right technology, future-proof products and the right financial set-up for you.

We take care of the entire process of getting your security solution in place. We design, install, test and deploy. Afterwards, we can take care of operations, planned maintenance and service.

Our extensive experience of security needs, how people move in different environments, and our knowledge of laws and regulations provide you with a reliable partner – for everything you want to protect.

From locks to modern electronic systems

CERTEGO dates back to the industrial lock business founded 150 years ago. The path to today’s high-tech companies has been lined by a large number of corporate mergers and acquisitions across the Nordic region.

When we changed our name to CERTEGO in 2015, we chose the name from the Latin CERTUS, which means secure, and TEGO, which means to cover, protect and defend. The locks remain, but today security solutions typically involve electronics and system solutions.

Our operations are currently in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Together we have a unique presence as a security solution provider.


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Welcome to CERTEGO

CERTEGO is your complete security provider. With us, you always have access to the leading brands in the security industry. Learn more in our company presentation.

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A leader in the Nordics

CERTEGO is a leading Nordic provider of complete security solutions. Our skilled and dedicated employees create secure, innovative systems tailored to customer needs. CERTEGO has a presence in 73 locations in the Nordic region, with over 1,200 employees and sales of over EUR 210 million.

Professional services

CERTEGO offers help to all professionals involved in security solutions as part of their work, such as architects, developers, project managers and heads of security.